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A Day Out in Whitley Bay with Travel on the Tyne & Wear Metro

August 16, 2021 in Days Out 0

Since moving house last year I now have the convenience of a Metro stop within walking distance. This has been a total game changer when planning days out across the North East, including the wonderful coastal town of Whitley Bay!

t Metro Station

Why I love Travelling by Tyne and Wear Metro

Leaving the car and travelling by Metro means we don’t have to argue about who will be designated driver, there’s no stress about where to park and we can take our nieces and nephews with us (FOR FREE!*) without worrying about car seats. Oh, and the Metro is dog friendly too! There are Metro stations at loads of brilliant destinations for days out across the North East, so we’re never short of places to go.

*When accompanied by a fare paying adult up to three children aged 11 and under can travel for free on the Tyne and Wear Metro and Shields Ferry, all day, every day! How good is that?

A Pop PAYG Card Makes Life Even Easier

I first discovered the Pop Pay as You Go Card a few years ago when I went to Sunderland for a day out. I’ve kept it handy ever since because it’s the perfect way to pay for journeys on public transport across North East England.

When travelling by Metro you simply tap in and out of stations with the Pop card and the best fare is automatically calculated for you. Plus, it’s always cheaper than buying a paper ticket from the machine.

pop pay as you go card

You can order a POP Pay as You Go Card online for free, simply top it up with at least £10 when ordering and it will be posted out to you within a few days. Journeys by most North East buses and the Shields Ferry can be paid for with the Pop card too. Get yours here:

A Day Out in Whitley Bay

I recently headed over to Whitely Bay for a day of fun with my niece Sadie and Pat the dog. Whitley Bay is one of my favourite places for a day out in the North East as there’s always something going on.

There are loads of independent shops, bars, cafes and restaurants in the area, and of course, there’s also the beautiful beach to enjoy!

The metro station is just a short walk from the sea front, it also has a car park and there are bus stops outside too. So, wherever you’re travelling to/from, it’s pretty convenient.

whitely bay sandcastles

Spanish City Funfair

Sadie and I were delighted to see that the Spanish City Funfair was on when we arrived. Sadly it will have moved on to a new destination by the time you read this but you can find out when it will return by keeping an eye on their Facebook page here:

There were dodgems, trampolines, a runaway train, fun house and more. Our favourite though was good old Hook a Duck!

hook a duck

spanish city whitley bay

The Rendezvous Cafe

After a few rides and games at the funfair, the three of took a leisurely walk along the sea front towards one of my favourite dog friendly cafes in the North East.

The Rendezvous  Cafe has barely changed since it was built in the 1930’s. They serve the best ice cream sundaes, so it’s a big hit with kids as well as dog owners! Sadie loved her hot-dog and ice cream, and I enjoyed a lovely cup of coffee and a toasted teacake. Prices are very reasonable here.

rendezvous cafe whitley bay

Other Dog Friendly Places to Eat and Drink in Whitley Bay

There’s certainly no shortage of places to drink and dine with your four legged friends in Whitley Bay. Here’s a few that I highly recommend, but be sure to check out their websites for full details…

rendezvous cafe fox terrier

Whitley Bay Beach – Dog Friendly

Although North Tyneside Council does impose a dog ban on the majority of their beaches from 1st May – 30th September, there are some sections that are dog-friendly all year round. This includes the area in front of the Rendezvous Cafe so Sadie, Pat and I enjoyed a paddle in the rather refreshing North Sea.

whitley bay beach dog friendly

Lost Property on the Tyne and Wear Metro

We had a wonderful time in Whitley Bay but it was soon time to head home. A slight detour was required on our return journey due to the fact that we’d mislaid Sadie’s handbag on the Metro. Thankfully a kind stranger had handed it in at Haymarket and a quick phone call to the Metro’s lost property office confirmed that we could be reunited with it on our way home, phew!

haymarket metro station

Big thanks to the lovely stewards at Haymarket Metro Station for helping me rectify my Auntie fail!

Planning Our Next Adventure

A brilliant day out was had and I’m sure we’ll be back on the Tyne and Wear Metro again very soon. It was great to see that the majority of passengers are still wearing masks and socially distancing. I felt relaxed the whole time we were on board.

mask wearing on the metro

If you have suggestions for more places to visit that are close to a Metro station, please leave your suggestions below as my Pop Card is topped up and raring to go.


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