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Life: Age of the Dinosaur

August 27, 2013 in Days Out 0

When I heard that Life was getting an exhibition all about dinosaurs, I knew that I would have one very happy  four year old on my hands!

My godson Lennon is at that age where he is fascinated by dinosaurs and inquisitive about everything so a visit to Life was the perfect day out. We were joined by my partner James who seemed almost as excited as Lennon!


Before venturing in to the Jurassic forest and Cretaceous desert (or the Age of the Dinosaur exhibition to be precise) we discovered the Curiosity Zone. Here at the front of the centre, kids of all ages are encouraged to make their own scientific discoveries in a bright, spacious area filled with intriguing interactive displays and absolutely no instructions whatsoever. This means little ones can make their own rules, which I think they tend to do anyway don’t they?


After plenty of experimenting in the Curiosity Zone we set out to find the real stars of the show, the dinosaurs! The┬ástunning animatronic creatures really are impressively huge and when you factor in the atmospheric low lighting and loud roars filling the air, the environment can seem almost overwhelming for the pre-school kids. However, if the complete sensory experience of The Age of Dinosaur is a bit too much for some, then there’s always the Young Explorers Zone. This is a huge area on the top floor dedicated to under 7’s complete with a soft play area.


Life has something for all ages and my favourite experience from the day was without doubt the 4D Motion Ride. You have to be at least 4 feet tall to enjoy the ride (and yes, I was tall enough thank you very much!) I don’t want to give too much away as I think it’s best to expect the unexpected but prepare to have your senses blasted with┬áwind, smoke and water, you’ll even be able to smell the action!

To find out more about what’s waiting to discovered at Life including lots of hands on activities and workshops and a┬árange of films and live events in Britain’s most popular┬áplanetarium,┬ácheck out the calendar of events HERE.

Plus be sure to visit before the 3rd of November to catch Age of the Dinosaur before it becomes extinct!

By Rachel Kershaw

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