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Looking Back on Lockdown

May 27, 2021 in Days Out 0

Who would have thought when the UK first went in to lockdown in March 2020 that hugs would still be banned a year later? Certainly not me! Man, it’s been a tough year or so hasn’t it?

I’ve really missed blogging, but the truth is that the restrictions meant I haven’t had much to share. Even when I did have ideas or things to write about, I couldn’t get myself in to the right mindset to do it. Time has also been an issue. I know that sounds crazy as most people will tell you they’ve had more spare time than ever during lockdown, but my partner and I have been renovating our house and it’s been quite an undertaking! I didn’t make one lemon drizzle cake or do a single Joe Wicks workout!

This lush t-shirt was a gift from Geordie Gifts and it pretty much summed up my attitude to life in lockdown!

All of this coupled with the often arduous task of trying to keep my own business afloat without much government help has meant that this blog (which I love so much) has not been given the time it deserves.

However, as my renovation enters the ‘that will do’ phase (still a massive to do list but it can bloody well wait) and restrictions ease further (yay for hugs, sleepovers and indoor dining!), I reckon it’s about time I put my blogging hat back on.

Us bloggers love a little listicle, so to get me back in to the swing of things, here are five things/places that have kept me sane during lockdown…

Bolam lake

Bolam Lake is one of my happy places

This beautiful country park lies about nine miles west of Morpeth with a tranquillity that reminds me a bit of the Lake District. It’s not far at all from where I live so I’ve frequented it a lot recently. It takes me about half an hour to walk around the lake and parking is free for up to an hour.


Northumberlandia: Can you spot the Lady of the North’s face?

Northumberlandia is a manmade land sculpture in the shape of a female figure. It’s made from 1.5 million tonnes of earth from neighbouring Shotton Surface Mine. Pat and I love heading there for a sunset walk. It’s just off the A1068 near Cramlington.

Other North East Instagrammers

This might seem like a bit of an odd one, especially as I haven’t posted much myself in recent months. But I can honestly say that when I’ve been lonely, or I wanted to chat to someone but couldn’t be arsed with a phone call, Instagram stopped me from feeling isolated during lockdown. Whether it was watching New Girl in Toon clean out her kitchen cupboards, Nomipalony provide a running commentary during the Downing Street briefings, or simply scrolling through the many local interiors accounts I now follow for renovation inspo, it definitely helped!

Local Takeaways

Monroe’s steak sandwiches are the best!

A national lockdown plus not having a kitchen in our new home has inevitably meant that we have devoured more than our fair share of takeaway food recently. Current favourites are the Rendezvous Express in Brusnwick Village for Chinese, Gormans on Stamfordham Road for fish and chips, and Rajnagar Bangladeshi Kitchen in Fenham. We also love to visit Monroe’s food truck for steak sandwiches when it’s in our neighbourhood. I’d love to know your North East favourites as my takeaway obsession shows no signs of ending any time soon.

Pat the Dog

Pat the dog, my BFF!

My final mention for things that have kept me sane during lockdown has to go to Pat the dog. He came in to our lives just over two years ago. Little did I know then how much this scruffy little pest would help me keep my spirits up during some of the toughest months ever. We’ve walked thousands of miles together over the last year without going very far at all, so we are itching to explore further afield now that restrictions are easing. If you want to follow Pat’s adventures you can check out his Instagram page HERE.

So there you go folks, my first blog post in quite a while, I hope you enjoyed reading it! I’d love to know what kept you sane during lockdown so leave a comment below, I always love reading them!

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