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An Evening at Nova Seafood Restaurant and Grill in Newcastle

When I was a little girl I would enter the supermarket in the most dramatic fashion, with my eyes closed, my hands over my nose, and pretending to gag, all because we had to walk past the fish counter. What a little drama queen I was! Thankfully I had gotten over my diva behaviour by the time I’d outgrown my Tammy Girl jeans and nowadays I really enjoy eating seafood.

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Rachel Kershaw

I'm a proud ambassador for all that's great about Geordieland and love sharing the best of what NewcastleGateshead has to offer. I may not be a Geordie born and bred but I've lived here for a over a decade and am proud to call this fabulous region my home!

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  1. newgirlintoon Reply

    HA ! I have to admit I still like to be overdramatic in the supermarket whenever we walk through the fridge and freezer aisles, they’re so cold I have to skip through them making a huge song and dance about how cold I am!

    Eurgh I’m with you on the Oysters, I’ve tried so many times but to me they just taste of dirty sea water, I can’t even attempt to try them now because I literally screw my face up whenever I eat one! Bleurgh!

    The dishes look beautiful, a perfect treat for a special occasion I think!

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