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5 Reasons to Love Tyneside Bar Cafe

April 1, 2015 in Eating Out 11

Since it’s launch in 2014, there’s been a lot of love for the Tyneside Bar Cafe and it’s quickly become one the most popular places to grab a bite to eat in the city centre. But there’s a lot more to this quirky cafe than meets the eye, these are my five favourite things about the Tyneside Bar Cafe…

1 – It’s attached to the cinema


OK, so this may seem like an obvious one but I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m a big Tyneside Cinema fan. In fact, I’ve written lovely things about it HERE, HERE, and HERE! The location of the Bar Cafe is super convenient for pre-film drinks and there’s no risk of missing the start of your film because if you haven’t quite finished your tipple you can take it in to the cinema with you!

2 – The food is delicious

Whether its a bacon butty on the way to work, mid morning coffee and cake, a super-food salad for lunch or a pre-film evening meal, the food at the Tyneside Bar Cafe never disappoints!

tyneside food

As well as the yummy prawn curry shown above, I recently tried an amazing lamb burger served with harissa mayo and a pile of French fries and it was one of the best burgers I’ve had in ages, it wasn’t served on a brioche bun which helped, everywhere else seems obsessed with those at the moment!

popcorn pana cotta tyneside

I’d also highly recommend the popcorn pana cotta which I think is one of their signature dishes, eat it slowly though because as soon you’ve finished it you’d be wishing you could order it again!

Since Mother’s Day, Tyneside Bar Cafe has added afternoon tea to it’s menu, I’ve not had the pleasure of sampling it yet but one of my favourite bloggers Emma Phillips has, you can read her review HERE

3 – Profits go towards the cinema


The Tyneside Bar Cafe was brought to life thanks to the Tyneside Cinema Appeal and now all the money it makes goes back in to keeping the cinema going. Tyneside Cinema is a registered educational charity and let’s be honest, it probably wouldn’t still be going after all these years if it wasn’t. A great way to support the cause is to become a Friend of the Tyneside, a membership which gives you a host of benefits including discounts at the Tyneside Bar Cafe!

4 – Quiz Night


The Tyneside Bar Cafe has a regular events programme and the last time James and I went to see a film (The Theory of Everything, highly recommended!) the end of the film coincided with the start of the Tuesday night quiz at 9pm. We gave it our best shot but embarrisingly only scored 3 out 12 in the first round, in my defence I mis-heard the explanation at the start! We had to dash at 10pm as the nearby car park was closing so narrowly escaped an even more tragic score in the ‘robot themed’ round (How many questions could there possibly be about robots?) but it was a good giggle and I might give it another go, once I’ve had chance to brush up on my general knowledge.

5 – Brunch Club


Image credit: Tyneside Cinema

For the perfect hangover cure on a Sunday, you need a nice cup of Ringtons tea and a grilled cheese sandwich from the Tyneside Bar Cafe’s comforting brunch menu! Best of all, you can also enjoy a FREE classic movie at 10:30am. You’ll feel better in  no time!

I could probably think of many more reasons too, if you’ve been to the Tyneside Bar Cafe, tell me what you love most about it in the comments box below. Like this post? Check out this one all about the Tyneside Cinema:

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North East Family Fun
8 years ago

You can add that they serve wonderful children’s meals and show looney tunes on their big screen in school holidays to this list! 😀 Thanks for linking to #lovenortheast

8 years ago

I still need to visit for food! That popcorn panna cotta looks delicious!x

Lady Fur
8 years ago

Ciao =)
I will follow u on INSTAGRAM for sure =)

Please read my last post :

LF @ladyfur


8 years ago

I’ve been dying to try the Tyneside Bar Cafe for MONTHS. I keep reading reviews of how good it is and the whole concept of it really appeals to me, especially the brunch with a free movie on a Sunday morning. I just wish I was in Newcastle more often so I could make the most of all the amazing places the North East has to offer. Becci xx


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