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Urban Night Feast

October 14, 2013 in Eating Out 0

I have been kicking myself for nearly a fortnight after missing out on Urban Night Feast which took place at The Boiler Shop on 3rd, 4th & 5th October. Celebrating the best in street food and drink, Urban Night Feast promised to exhilarate the senses of visitors with amazing smells, sounds, sights and of course tastes from across the globe!

Sadly I had other plans that weekend and couldn’t be there but friends who did attend the event have been all too quick to make me jealous with their tales of scrumptious scotch eggs, Fat Hippo burgers (I hope that’s the name of the supplier and not the ingredient!), delicious wood-fired pizzas and traditional Indian street food.  I was even told of a special gin and Newcastle Brown Ale cocktail that was prepared by the mixology team from the Travelling Gin Company! Not sure I would have been brave enough to try that concoction but one thing is certain, I will not be missing next year’s Urban Night Feast for anything!

If, like me, you also missed out then here’s some fantastic images captured by James Byrne Photography just to rub salt in to your wounds. Hopefully you’ll join me there next year!




Were you lucky enough to tuck in to something tasty at Urban Night Feast? If so I’d love to hear what you enjoyed so please feel free to leave a comment below.

By Rachel Kershaw

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