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Me and My Twinkle Toes at Dance City

July 19, 2015 in Something a bit random! 7

I LOVE dancing and when it’s just me in my kitchen with no one watching or I’m out with the girls after a couple of bottles of prosecco, I’m pretty sure I could give Beyonce a run for her money! However, the last time I actually attempted to learn a dance routine was about twenty years ago when I went line dancing with my Mum!

dance city

I decided it might be fun to try out a class at Dance City, after all, I recently made a pledge to be more active after being inspired by the #ThisGirlCanCampaign and dancing is definitely more my cup of tea than the gym! (You can read more about my #ThisGirlCan pledge HERE)

Even James made a pledge, how supportive!?

Even James made a pledge, how supportive!?

With over 65 weekly classes and more than 40 different styles of dance to choose from, I was spoilt for choice at Dance City. It’s a purpose-built dance-house in the heart of Newcastle where people of all ages and abilities go to socialise, learn new skills, keep fit, train professionally and watch jaw dropping performances in the theatre.

I went along with my lovely friend Zoe and we eagerly signed up for a one hour beginners jazz class. Zoe’s dance experience is pretty much on par with mine so you can imagine our reaction when the instructor’s opening words were ‘welcome back for the third and final week of our routine!’ Argh!!!

Thankfully the other ladies in the class were all very patient and Sarah, the instructor, reassured us by adding ‘If in doubt, make it up.’ So despite our nerves, lack of flexibility and tendency to get the giggles, Zoe and I gave the routine our best shot and not only did we have a great time, it was a bloody good work out too!

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to venture in to Dance City, it really is a fantastic place with something for everyone, from dancing baby classes to ashtanga yoga and Flamenco. Zoe and I are planning to try out Egyptian Belly Dancing next!

Credit: Dance City

Credit: Dance City

If you fancy tripping the light fantastic at Dance City, my top tips would be:

1. Take a bottle of water (most classes are quite energetic)

2. Make sure you sign for week one of the routine!

3. Don’t worry if you’re not exactly Ginger Rogers, it’s the taking part that counts!

By Rachel Kershaw
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Lindsay @ Newcastle Family Life

I use to visit dance city every week with work to do a learning disability dance class , i don’t think i am brave enough to go to a dance class on my own though as i am a terrible dancer. It looks like lots of fun though xx

8 years ago

I love Dance City! When I lived in the NE I used to take tap classes, it was such fun but totally amazing exercise, and you kinda didn’t realise… another perk was that the street dance boys used to practice in the entrance, so we got a performance for free every week!

North East Family Fun
8 years ago

Oh wow looks fantastic – I had heard of Dance City but wasn’t aware of just how much they offered! Sounds like a good alternative night out with the girls. Off to investigate their range of classes now…………#LoveNorthEast


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