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Secrets To a Good Night’s Sleep

February 8, 2023 in Something a bit random! 0

We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep, but how many of us actually get it on a regular basis? In my younger days I could sleep for England but as I’ve got a bit older I’ve found it more and more difficult to drift off. Whether it’s thinking about all the things I haven’t done that day, everything that needs doing tomorrow, or my pesky dog trying to sneak in the bed, there’s certainly no shortage of barriers to me getting some shut eye!

Dog asleep on bed

Clearly my dog Pat has no such problems!

With a busy calendar of events ahead, I decided that 2023 would be the year I finally got in to a better bedtime routine. If I could master that, then perhaps I could even become one of those ‘morning people’ that doesn’t need a gallon of coffee before interacting with her fellow humans!

Why Now?

My workload has increased in recent months and I’ve really been struggling to switch off. Anyone else find this to be a side effect of working from home? I definitely needed to adopt better habits for unwinding, so when TEMPUR® suggested incorporating journalling in to my evenings I thought it was worth a shot.

Research shows that those who journal for at least twenty minutes per day experience fewer stress related issues, reduced blood pressure and an overall improvement in the immune system. With health benefits like that, I’d be a fool not to try it.

Keeping a journal is something I’ve been considering for a while anyway, and twenty minutes per day is totally do-able!

Journalling as Part of My Bedtime Routine

So, after hearing about the incredible rewards of putting pen to paper, I have been journaling regularly at bedtime. The process of writing down my thoughts is really relaxing and by focussing on the things I’m grateful for, I have been going to bed with a much more positive mindset.

Tempur pillow on bed

This pillow is a game changer too!

Incorporating journaling into my life has definitely been helping to clear my mind at the end of each day and wind down for more restful and healthy sleep. I’ve also been loving the Comfort Pillow Original that TEMPUR® kindly sent to me as a gift. It’s made with the same unique TEMPUR® material found in their mattresses, with visco-elastic cells that actively mould and adapt to your body. It is soooo much more comfortable than my old pillow! There’s a TEMPUR® shop located at Dalton Park, just south of Newcastle off the A19 at Murton, well worth a visit if you want to invest in a new pillow and/or mattress.

Good Habits = Good Sleep

I finally feel like I’ve adopted some healthy habits for better sleep, the ongoing benefits of which include improved brain performance, better mood, health, attention span, reaction times and clearer thinking… all things I happily welcome into my life! Even my partner has commented that I’m less grumpy in the mornings, result! I only have one challenge left to master, and that’s keeping my pesky fox terrier off the bed, any tips on that are most welcome!

If you’d like to sleep better and improve your physical and mental health, then I’ll leave you with this little quote from Hannah Hinchman…

Inspirational Quote


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