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The Quadfather is Muddy Brilliant!

Sunshine + Showers = Perfect Quad Biking Weather! We’ve had plenty of that in the North East recently so it’s the ideal excuse to get down and dirty at The Quadfather.

The 11 acre track is in Cramlington, about 7 miles north of Newcastle city centre. The business is run by husband and wife team, Rachel and Tim, they welcome both experienced quad bikers and first time adrenaline seekers from the age of 12. Unsurprisingly it’s popular with stag groups but Rachel told me they also get a lot of corporate clients and family groups too.


James and I went along recently with our mate, ‘The Mighty Josh’. He proclaimed to be somewhat of a quad biking aficionado having grown up in the countryside, but once Tim had set the gears for James and I on the Honda 250 TRX’s we were ready to give Josh a run for his money!

'The Mighty Josh'

‘The Mighty Josh’

We were kitted out in overalls, gloves and helmets and given a safety briefing by friendly instructors called Adam and Dave. I have never met people who love their jobs as much in my whole life, but then again, they do get to play around on quad bikes for a living!



Thanks to Adam and Dave any nerves I had soon disappeared and I was determined not to be shown up by the boys (especially after letting the team down at Karting North East a couple of months ago).

The first part of the track was pretty flat and I managed to keep up no problem. I even whizzed through the obstacles without so much as a girly whimper for help! All was going well until we decided to brave the forest…

It was pretty wild in there, we’d been advised that the puddles were rather deep in some sections and not to hit the brakes but just keep going at a steady pace. No prizes for guessing who stalled right in the middle of a massive muddy puddle!

Luckily Tim came to my rescue and towards the end of our one hour session, when we got a bit of time to roam the fields in any direction we wanted, I went back to that spot in the forest and am proud to say I made my way through it unaided!




Despite getting helmet hair, being splattered with mud and having to drive home barefoot because I forgot to bring clean footwear, I had a BRILLIANT time at The Quadfather!

My photos really don’t do it justice so to learn more about this exhilarating experience check out this fantastic video made by my talented mate Pete…

By Rachel Kershaw
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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Amazing video

  2. I’ve always fancied going on a quad bike but it seems a little scary lol. Looks like you had a lot of fun. I may have to try it one of these days!

  3. I think i would be to scared to do this myself but it look’s like lots of fun and i am sure my daughter and partner would love to do this, i might mention it to them for a day out during the summer holidays xx

  4. It looks amazing but I am forever a wuss and I think I’d spend my whole time screaming and generally being a giant wimp … those hills would scare me!

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