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Traverse – The Travel Bloggers Conference

March 5, 2014 in Festivals and Events 0

One of the things I love most about being a blogger in Geordieland is helping people discover the best of what this fabulous region has to offer. I’ve often thought that maybe because I didn’t grow up in NewcastleGateshead, I somehow have a deeper appreciation for what’s around me than those who have lived here their whole lives. In fact, just the other day I pointed out the beautiful stained glass windows above a mobile phone shop on Northumberland Street to a Geordie friend who must have walked past them thousands of times without a second glance.

As well as inspiring locals to be tourists in their own towns I also get great satisfaction from welcoming visitors from further afield, so imagine my excitement when I discovered that this years travel bloggers conference, Traverse, was to be held in my beloved Geordieland!

traverse-newcastle-logoOn the 22nd February, travel bloggers from across the globe descended on the Sage Gateshead to hear seminars from experts in video, photography, journalism, marketing, SEO and of course, blogging! I knew the attendees would be super savvy when it came to checking out what the area had to offer so I felt a little nervous about their arrival and just hoped they’d love it here as much as I do!

I needn’t have worried, even before Traverse got underway, Twitter started to go crazy with positive opinions and stunning photos which I was able to keep up with using the various hashtags that had been created for the weekend, #TyneisNow, #Traverse14 and #GoNewcastle. I felt so proud as I read the hundreds of tweets throughout the weekend and quite smug about the fact that I get to call this place my home!




On the day of the conference, the quayside was illuminated by a beautiful, bright (even if not so hot) sun and the whole area was a hive of activity, there were even people bungee jumping over the Tyne! I had a great day meeting lots of lovely bloggers and hearing about their plans for the weekend, if they didn’t have any before they spoke to me, they certainly did by the time I finished bending their ears!

I even persuaded a few people to share their thoughts on camera and as I listened to the well travelled bloggers talk about the impression Geordieland had made on them it confirmed my belief that this little corner of England has as much to offer (if not more) as any far flung destination on the planet!

What was your first impression of NewcastleGateshead, has your opinion changed over the years or are you yet to visit Geordieland? Share your comments below…

By Rachel Kershaw

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