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#ThisGirlCan with Active Newcastle

March 9, 2015 in Sport 13

A few months ago, while I was sat on the sofa stuffing my face with cheese and biscuits and enjoying a nice glass of wine, an advert came on the telly that grabbed my attention, gave me goosebumps and had me reconsidering that last bit of brie! Now that’s no mean feat let me tell you!

I put down the cheese and picked up my phone to search for the hashtag #ThisGirlCan on Twitter and discovered women of all ages, shapes and abilities proudly declaring how they were getting active, despite their fear of exercise or what other people might think about them while they were doing it.

Photo credit: Sport England

Photo credit: Sport England

Finally, this was a campaign about exercise that was acknowledging real women like me and I really felt inspired by it!

Fast forward to Sunday 8th March, which just so happened to be International Women’s Day and I find myself in the glitzy Banqueting Hall at Newcastle Civic Centre. I was surrounded by ambassadors for the #ThisGirlCan campaign, enjoying a lovely afternoon tea and making my own pledge to be more active!

The event was organised by Active Newcastle to say thank you to everyone who has played a part in inspiring women across the city, including local ambassadors like the Welbeck Warriors, Lisa O’Keefe from Sport England and fitness trainer (and star of The Apprentice) Katie Bulmer-Cooke.

civic centre

So what right did I have to be rubbing shoulders with these influential and dynamic women? Well, it just so happens that I’m an ambassador for #ThisGirlCan too! Yes, me, the cheese loving, wine swigging, wobbles when she runs, size 12!

Not only have I promised to get off the sofa and experience some of the exciting activities on offer through Active Newcastle, I’ve also featured in a little video to encourage other women to do the same, which was played on a mahoosive screen at the launch event (cringe!)

See if you can spot some of the stunning locations throughout Newcastle in the vid…

I’m so excited to try out some new sports like Aquarunning, Powerhoop and jazz dancing and thanks to the #ThisGirlCan campaign I’m not going to worry about getting it wrong or how big my bum looks in lycra!

You can check out loads of sports and activities taking place across Newcastle at and to find out more about our beautiful parks and outdoor spaces that are perfect for walking, running and cycling click

Plus don’t forget to share your own experiences using hashtag #ThisGirlCan

By Rachel Kershaw

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8 years ago

Brilliantly well done! I love this campaign at a size 16-18 I find exercise intimidating but I’m trying really hard to conquer my hesitations! #nebloggers

Chloe - New Girl In Toon

Wow! You amazing lady … so brave being filmed running and you look fantastic 🙂 I love this campaign, it’s brilliant! I run 3 miles three times a week, which isn’t far but I’m proud of myself because a few months ago I could only run for about 10 minutes before I had to stop and walk for a bit, I’m attempting to build it up in the hope that one day I’ll be able to run 10k! My next mission is to attempt the Park Run at Saltwell Park .. my first outdoors run!

Chloe x

8 years ago

Hey that’s brilliant! And there’s nothing wrong with cheese and wine as part of a healthy lifestyle!! Well done you!

North East Family Fun
8 years ago

This is amazing Rachel – I love the video, so inspiring as are you! Super brave being filmed running along the quayside but it has a powerful message. Love the #ThisGirlCan campaign. Well done on being part of this. Love it! xx

Dragons And Fairy Dust

Well done you. I love the video and you look great. The whole campaign is really inspring

8 years ago

Fab post honey! I’d love to try aquarunning. The This Girl Can Campaign is so inspiring, especially to a plus size girl like me xxx

8 years ago

This looks amazing. I love the This Girl Can campaign, its just so positive for everyone. It must be wonderful to know that you’re part of it!


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