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Disney On Ice Presents Dream Big

October 4, 2018 in Uncategorized 0

*This post is an advertisement feature as I was gifted tickets for the show

Have I ever told you how much I LOVE being an Auntie? It honestly brings so much joy in to my life! It also brings lots of opportunities for fun and adventure.

I couldn’t wait to take my niece Sadie to see Disney On Ice at the Metro Radio Arena. I took my brother’s children Jack and Emily a couple of years ago and they absolutely loved it (as did I!) but Sadie was only a baby then. Now that she is a ‘big girl’ (3!) I knew she would be more likely to appreciate and enjoy the spectacular show.

We went along for the opening night and were lucky enough to be gifted VIP tickets which included a meet and greet with the star of the show – Micky Mouse! Sadie suddenly became unusually shy and wouldn’t pose for a photo but as we took out seats in the arena she was literally bouncing with excitement!

The theme of this year’s Disney On Ice tour is ‘Dream Big’ so all of the scenes featured characters who dared to dream and stories in which dreams came true.

After a wonderful welcome from Micky and Minnie, the next character to appear on the ice was Tinkerbell which made Sadie beam from ear to ear as that was the Disney star she’d come dressed as!

The smiles continued as more and more of our favourite characters appeared on the ice before us. We sang along loudly to songs from Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Frozen and many more. For the first time ever, Moana was also part of the show!

The talented skaters glided, twirled and jumped across the ice with ease, some of their moves were breath-taking. I couldn’t help but be impressed, especially by the performers who were skating in huge outfits like Olaf and Maui!

Sadie and I, along with Sadie’s Grandma and Great-Grandma, all had a wonderful evening. The show kept us captivated throughout and I would highly recommend it to Disney fans of all ages!

I’ve used official images supplied by Disney in this review (as mine didn’t turn out so well) but all words and opinions are mine (and Sadie’s). To see more, check out the official trailer below.

If you want to see the show for yourself it’s at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle till 7th October. After that it will continue on its UK tour before travelling across Europe. Tickets start from £18

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