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Where is Geordieland?

Geordieland is the affectionate name used to describe the North East region of England in and around the city of Newcastle upon Tyne and the town of Gateshead. The River Tyne separates these two places but they are connected by seven iconic bridges and share a spirit that is so friendly and fun you can’t help but fall in love with the place!


NewcastleGateshead Quayside

My boyfriend (born and bred in Newcastle) tells me that anyone born within a five mile radius of the River Tyne can claim to be a Geordie but I’m not convinced it’s as simple as that! What I do know for sure is that this very special placeΒ offers an abundance of sights, sounds and experiences, so whatever your tastes you’re Β always guaranteed to have a great time in Geordieland.


Angel of the North, Gateshead


Central Arcade, Newcastle

With world-class culture, vibrant nightlife, award-winning dining, inspiring heritage, fantastic shopping and acclaimed architecture there’s plenty to see and do! Whether you live in Geordieland orΒ you’re planning a visit, I hope this blog will inspire you to make the most of what’s on offer.

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  1. If you ever need engaging photography from around the north-east for this blog, by all means drop me a line to let me know your requirements and hopefully we’ll be able to cooperate. Well done on running this fine blog, Stuart Forster (Director of Why Eye Photography Limited).

  2. Anonymous Reply

    25 yrs. ago,took my mom home to Darlington.we spent two evenings in and around,fantastic.very open and warm loved it. still drinking newcastle to come back some day.

  3. Stefanie Reply

    Will be visiting Newcastle for a business trip. My first time in the UK (after being in the US about 30+ times). Was actually looking for what’s going on in and around Newcastle and so also learned about Geordieland. Thanks for that.
    Btw – I am German πŸ™‚

  4. I Am an expatriot Geordie I was Brougt up od Scotswood Road
    I visit Newcastle every now & then and Go to a Regimental Dinner Every Year
    The R N Fs. ‘I Love Newcastle the Centre of the Toon has Never Changed,
    Still a Toon Supporter At 84. Howay the lads,

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